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Community Involvement

Dr. Tsiane is both a politician and a businessman, and he devoted his life to serving the community at his disposal. In this regard, he has established a soccer team at his village, Doornlaagte. Dr. Tsiane is a member of the Greater Moutse Town Council since its establishmeht in 1995, through the then Local Authorities elections. He is also the first Mayor of this Council, who has been re-elected unopposed.

He has travelled extensively in Africa and in Europe for both business and community matters. He has for example been in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lesotho, Australia, United Kingdom, Mauritius, France and Switzerland.

• He has made willing donations to more than 25 institutions.

• He established Mpelegeng Trust, where the community youth was funded (with bursaries)
and to date achieved two (2) Doctors Degrees, ten (10) other degrees and two (2) diplomas.

• He is serving in HIV/AIDS projects – at the neighbouring villages.  He is currently serving
in the local Aids Council (LAC) representing Traditional Healers.  He is a member of St.
Joseph’s Care Support Trust at Sizanani Village.

• He participated in the formation of Dots Training for Traditional Healers in partnership with
Mametlhake District of Department of Health, Limpopo Province.

• He contributed extensively in helping non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community-
based organizations and local Football Clubs financially to implement their programmes.

• Musically, he took part in community festivities and performed traditional dancing during
the opening of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) at Ubuntu Village.

• He performed at Fitzgerald Square, Newtown Johannesburg, during the celebration of
Africa Day on the 24th September 2003.     


Dr. Tsiane, both as a community leader and a businessman, aims at serving the communities at his disposal to the best of his ability. He hopes that through constant contact and consultation with the communities, and with the experience he required in that regard, he will achieve his aims.

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